Featured Exhibitions

8F Featured Exhibition Hall, accessible to Osaka Museum of History (Permanent Exhibit) Ticket holders

  • Hazama Shigetomi, a Merchant and Astronomer of Naniwa:
    In Commemoration of the Designation of Hazama Bunko as a National Important Cultural Property
  • 26th April - 19th June, 2017
  • This exhibition will showcase records of astronomical observations made by Hazama Shigetomi and also documents about his life from the Hazama Bunko archive – a newly designated national important cultural property. (Kido)
  • The 150th Anniversary of the Port of Osaka:
    Touring the Town of Osaka – the Aji River and Mt. Tenpo
  • 21st June - 28th August, 2017
  • This exhibition will explore how the Port of Osaka changed from the Edo period to the Meiji period focusing on the Aji River and also Mt. Tenpo, which are artificial and were created in the Edo period, through a display of relevant artifacts held in the collection of Osaka Museum of History. (Yagi)
  • Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Osaka 2017
  • 30th August - 13th November, 2017
  • This exhibition will present the latest findings of excavations undertaken in Osaka City mainly in FY 2016 by the Osaka City Cultural Properties Association, through a display of unearthed artifacts and photograph panels. (Lee)
  • Latest Research and Future Issues about the Kōnoike Collection
  • 15th November, 2017 - 8th January, 2018
  • This year marks thr 20th year since the Konoike Collection was donated to Osaka City. In the Edo period, The Konoike family was a famous merchant representing Osaka. This exhibition will present the latest achievements and future directions of research on the Konoike Collection. (Nakano)
  • Heart-Warming Haiga Paintings by Ikuta Nansui
  • 10th January - 26th February, 2018
  • Ikuta Nansui (1860–1934) was an artist active in Osaka in the late Modern period, and was very authoritative in literature, calligraphy and paintings, both Japanese and Chinese. This exhibition will showcase his heart-warming haiga paintings – paintings accompanied with haiku poems. (Iwasa)
  • Villages in the Suburbs of Osaka in the Edo Period
  • 28th February, - 7th May, 2018
  • Villages in the Suburbs of Osaka in the Edo Period This exhibition will present various types of villages located in the suburbs of the Osaka metropolis through a display of old documents held in the collection of Osaka Museum of History. (Yagi)
  • Please note that the exhibition periods indicated above are subject to change without notice.