Featured Exhibitions

8F Featured Exhibition Hall, accessible to Osaka Museum of History (Permanent Exhibit) Ticket holders

  • Cultural Properties Designated by Osaka City between FY2016 and FY2020
  • 24th March - 17th May, 2021
  • This exhibition will display the cultural properties newly designated by Osaka City between FY2016 and FY2020. (Sugimoto)
  • Naniwa-kyo, an Ancient Capital
  • 19 th May - 12th July, 2021
  • Today, most of the Naniwa-kyo capital remains buried underground. This exhibition will reveal what the ancient capital was like, based on insights gained from excavations. (Muramoto)
  • Articles Associated with TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi
  • 14th July - 30th August, 2021
  • TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi has been popular throughout the ages as the most successful warlord in the Warring States period (the Sengoku period). This exhibition will present materials associated with him and the people who were part of his life. (Taniguchi)
  • Folk Faith in Prince Shotoku in Osaka
    ― Events Held by Worshippers of Prince Shotoku in Taishibashi, Asahi Ward ―
  • 1st September - 25th October, 2021
  • The year 2021 marks the 1400th anniversary of the death of Prince Shotoku. To commemorate this milestone year, this exhibition will display materials related to folk events held by worshippers of Prince Shotoku in Asahi Ward until recently. (Sawai)
  • Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Osaka 2021
  • 27th October - 20th December, 2021
  • This exhibition will present the latest findings of excavations undertaken in Osaka City in FY 2020 by displaying many unearthed artifacts and photo panels showing the excavation works. (Yasuoka)
  • To the West of Greater Osaka
    ― History of the Development of the Coastal and Estuary Area ―
  • 22th December, 2021- 21th February, 2022
  • This exhibition will provide an overview of how the western part of Osaka City, which was originally reclaimed for rice fields, has developed into a modern industrial area with a port and factories. (Funakoshi)
  • New Additions to the Collection
  • 23th February - 18th April, 2022
  • The exhibition will mainly present works of art and materials that have not been shown before, selected from among those donated to the museum in recent years. (Tawara)
  • *The above schedule is subject to change.