Featured Exhibitions

8F Featured Exhibition Hall, accessible to Osaka Museum of History (Permanent Exhibit) Ticket holders

  • Tiles and Osaka:
    Centennial Anniversary of the Standardization of the Name “Tile” in Japan
  • 20th April - 27th June, 2022
  • The exhibition showcases various kinds of tiles in commemoration of the centennial anniversary of the standardization of the name “tile.”(Abe)
  • War and Welfare/Volunteerism:
    Things We Can Learn from Articles Left by the Late TANAKA Hanjiro
  • 29 th June - 5th September, 2022
  • There are many different reasons that motivate people to engage in welfare and volunteer activities. This exhibition shows that the experience of war can be one such reason. (Iida)
  • Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Osaka 2022
  • 7th September - 14th November, 2022
  • This exhibition will present the latest findings of excavations undertaken in Osaka City in FY 2021 by displaying many unearthed artifacts and photo panels showing the excavation works. (Okamoto)
  • Agriculture in the Suburban Areas of Osaka:
    Various Farming Equipment and Techniques, Subsistence
  • 16th November, 2022 - 23th January, 2023
  • The exhibition sheds light on various farming practices that were conducted in the suburban areas of Osaka by showcasing farming equipment, photographs and other materials. (Tawara)
  • Exhibition of a Banker’s Collection:
    Focusing on Modern Paintings of Kyoto and Osaka
  • 25th January - 21th March, 2023
  • This exhibition showcases paintings of Kyoto and Osaka from the end of the Edo period to the modern period, from the collection held by the Nishida family, one of whom served as a board member of Yamaguchi Bank, one of the major companies owned by the Yamaguchi Zaibatsu, a prewar Osaka-based financial clique. (Iwasa)
  • New Additions to the Collection:
    between FY2019 and FY2021
  • 23th March - 15th May, 2023
  • The exhibition will mainly present works of art and materials that have not been shown before, selected from among those donated to the museum in recent years. (Abe)
  • *The above schedule is subject to change.