※ Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infectious disease, the event has been suspended for the time being. Sorry, but please understand.


"Hands-on" is the learning program about exhibitions while experiencing. At the 10, 9, 7floor of the permanent exhibition, we perform "Hands-on" programs such as follows for the theme of each floor. Please challenge it.
In addition, about the date and time, please push the schedule button and confirm it.

10th floor

Kidan (the Base of Daigokuden hall)
(3D puzzle to built up Daigokuden foundation)
Shozoku (Ancient court people)
(Experience in the clothes of the public servant of the Nara era)

9th floor

Money changer
(Experience of a money changer of the Edo era)
Let's challenge to Tosenkyo!
(Tosenkyo is a Japanese game
(throwing fans at a target) that is one of the
Japanese traditional multiplayer games.)

7th floor

Sugoroku (Japanese board game)
(Playing with sugoroku of the Meiji era)
(Experience in an old kimono)