Special Exhibitions

6F Special Exhibition Hall, a Special Exhibition Ticket is required.

  • Marvelous and Humorous Scenes of Naniwa Captured by Ukiyo-e Artists
  • 23th April - 5th  June , 2022
  • During the Edo period, many woodblock prints, books and paintings depicting popular places were published, which people enjoyed in a variety of ways, besides purchasing them as souvenirs. This exhibition sheds light on the attractions of Osaka through woodblock prints, books and paintings from the later Edo period. These objects provide a glimpse of scenic spots popular among Osakans at the time, as well as what they found funny, and how they enjoyed strolling in Osaka. (Shimazaki)

Special Featured Exhibitions

6F Special Exhibition Hall, accessible to Osaka Museum of History (Permanent Exhibit) Ticket holders

  • Japanese Traditional Confectionery:
    How Fantastic – The Past and Present of Osaka and Confectionery
  • 16thJuly - 4th September , 2022
  • The culture of traditional confectionery of Osaka underwent various changes in step with the cultural development of Osaka as a modern city. This exhibition explores what makes Japanese traditional confectionery so appealing by displaying materials showing the history, recipes and beauty of the confectionery that makes everyone happy. (Tawara)

  • Sword ~Ancient Force and prayer ~
  • 15th October - 4th December , 2022
  • In the Kofun period, swords were not only used as weapons, but were also valued as symbols of power and status. This exhibition showcases swords unearthed in various parts of Japan to highlight their splendor and variation, while offering a glimpse into ancient society in the Kofun period. (Terai)
  • Exhibition of Inbande, Ceramic Ware of Civilization and Enlightenment:
    In Commemoration of the Donation of the Hashimoto Collection
  • 21th January - 21th May , 2023
  • HASHIMOTO Tadayuki was one of Japan’s distinguished art collectors, who collected ceramic items made with the traditional “inbande” technique systematically and exhaustively for over 30 years. Inbande is known as “Ceramics of Civilization and Enlightenment (a movement in the early Meiji period)” and has many devotees. This exhibition showcases selected items from the Hashimoto Collection comprising 1,129 items, which was donated to the Osaka Museum of History.(Nakano)