Osaka Museum of History

Special Exhibitions

6F Special Exhibition Hall, a Special Exhibition Ticket is required.

  • NHK Historical Drama Segodon
  • 28th July - 17th September , 2018
  • The main character of the 2018 NHK historical drama Segodon is Saigo Takamori. This exhibition will shed light on the profile of Saigo and the turbulent period in which he lived by showcasing artifacts that tell us the realities of his life along with other key players during the Meiji Restoration. (Mametani)

    ※Citizens of Osaka aged 65 years and older are also required to pay the admission fee for this exhibition.
  • Centennial Anniversary of the Rice Riots and the Establishment of Welfare Commissioner System in Osaka
  • 3rd October - 3rd December , 2018
  • In 1918, rice riots erupted throughout Japan, especially in urban areas and a welfare commissioner system (present social worker system) was established in Osaka Prefecture in their wake. This exhibition is designed to explore the significance of the rice riots and the welfare commissioner system by showcasing items associated with the activities of welfare commissioners and people living in poverty. (Iida)
  • Grand March of Haniwa Clay Objects: Nagahara Burial Mound Cluster and Nagahara Site
  • 26th January - 17th March , 2019
  • Under the ground of Hirano Ward in Osaka City, the Nagahara Burial Mound Cluster can be found. More than 1,000 burial mounds are estimated to be in the cluster. This exhibition will bring together the haniwa clay objects unearthed from the burial mound cluster and shed light on what the village in the Nagahara Site, where the buried persons had lived, was like. It will provide a glimpse into the lives of people in Osaka, and their production activities and personal exchanges in the 5th century when the Mozu and Furuichi burial mound clusters were built. (Matsumoto)

Special Featured Exhibitions

6F Special Exhibition Hall, accessible to Osaka Museum of History (Permanent Exhibit) Ticket holders

  • Hotta Tatsunosuke: A Natural Historian Active in Osaka from the Late Edo Period to the Modern Period
  • 25th April - 18th June, 2018
  • in 1875, a natural museum was opened in Osaka, where Hotta Tatsunosuke (1819–1888), a natural historian active from the end of the Edo period to the Modern period, worked. This exhibition will trace the footsteps of this citizen-scholar in the early days of the history of museum in Japan through a display of materials related to natural history held by him. (Kato)
  • Please note that the exhibition periods indicated above are subject to change without notice.