Special Exhibitions

6F Special Exhibition Hall, a Special Exhibition Ticket is required.

  • The Wonderful World of Cats in Ukiyo-e: Cats Depicted by Renowned Ukiyo-e Artists of the Edo and Meiji Periods – Kuniyoshi, Hiroshige, Kunisada, Toyokuni, Eisen and More
  • 27th July - 8th September , 2019
  • What is your image of cats? Cute, unique, and sometimes mysterious? This exhibition features ukiyo-e works depicting cats by various ukiyo-e artists active in the Edo and Meiji periods, along with cat-related objects and materials in Osaka and its vicinity, such as a clay figure of cat created in Osaka. (Yasuoka)

    ※Citizens of Osaka aged 65 years and older are also required to pay the admission fee for this exhibition.
  • Special Exhibition in Commemoration of the Donation of the Katsuya Sword-Fitting Collection: The Definitive Introduction to the World of Sword Fittings
  • 5th October - 1st December , 2019
  • This exhibition is held in commemoration of the donation of the collection of 927 sword fittings to the Osaka Museum of History, which was held formerly by Katsuya Shunichi, a renowned collector during the Showa period. Visitors will be given information about what to see to fully explore the intriguing world of sword fittings. Concurrently with this special exhibition, two mini-exhibitions will be held: the Exhibition of Watanabe Masanori’s Netsuke Collection, in commemoration of its donation; and the Exhibition of Sakai Toshimasa’s Sword-Fitting Collection. (Naito)
  • Monkey Painter, Sosen and His Two Brothers, along with Chicken Painter, Jakuchu and Frog Painter, Hoji
  • 26th February - 5th April , 2020
  • Mori Sosen, who is famous for his realistic paintings of monkeys, was active in Osaka during the Edo period along with his two brothers, Yoshin and Shuho. His descendants also followed in his footsteps and were painters. This exhibition will look back at their art works, while shedding light on painters of Kyoto and Osaka who were good at painting particular animals, such as chickens, frogs, hawks, quails and tigers. (Iwasa)

    ※Citizens of Osaka aged 65 years and older are also required to pay the admission fee for this exhibition.