The Osaka Museum of History was opened on November 3 in 2001 and has been got close to many people.
In 2011 equal to the opening tenth anniversary, we carried out various new actions, and begin to walk it towards next ten years.
This is a gift of understanding and the support of all of you entirely. We thank you heartily.
The role that a museum should serve as to raise city charm of Osaka becomes more and more important. As Osaka Museum of History, We accumulate an inheritance for the history, the culture and recognize it when it is demanded more than before that we have what we send it to positively and citizen and children deepen understanding for native district Osaka.
It is one of the actions while we did so the renewal of this homepage. We know a lot and, through this homepage, want to send the data which accumulated as of one of museum activity so far to carefulness more widely.

We would like the more and more support and use of all of you.
Thank you.

June 2013

Osaka Museum of History