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Mission and Objectives of the Osaka Museum of History

Our Mission

  • “To dialogue with History, in order to reflect upon our Present and Future” – Osaka Museum of History
    The Osaka Museum of History aims to develop a variety of activities based on the historic and cultural heritage cultivated in this region for people in Osaka as well as for all visitors. In doing so, we will take advantage of our experience over the past five years to present a broader point of view on history in our activities. Our programs will aim to develop a deeper understanding of the city’s history and to think about our present society and culture together with our visitors, while cherishing the “dialogue with history”, in order to help create a better future.

Our Objectives

  1. To become a museum that reflects on society and culture through artifacts and remains
    Artifacts and remains gain meaning through its relationship with people. We aim to put them in context with the society and culture of the past, which would help viewers find clues for understanding the present and the future. For this, we will emphasize the process of collection and conservation of historic materials, and continued research and investigation, leading to enhanced displays.

  2. To become a museum that encourages learning
    We will strive to enable visitors to discover an interest for learning and to support those who wish to learn. For this purpose, we will provide information to the public and support their interest in learning by enriching our educational and promotion activities, our “Naniwa History Lectures” program, and through our website.

  3. To become a museum that nurtures children
    By coming to the museum, children will find greater interest in history and culture, and develop the ability to better understand history – an ability that will help them as they grow up. We will thus aim to make our display easier to understand and incorporate various hands-on programs.

  4. To become a museum that networks and grows
    Rather than aiming to do everything on our own, we will try to interact and network with individuals and organizations while also encouraging our visitors to interact among themselves. This effort should help us become a more open museum.

  5. To become a museum that is loved by and contributes to society
    We will strive to have all museum workers constantly striving to make this a museum that can contribute to society. We would like to become a museum that is loved and needed by many people. For this, we will make constant efforts to improve our management for the benefit of our visitors.