Featured Exhibitions

8F Featured Exhibition Hall,
accessible to Osaka Museum of History (Permanent Exhibit) Ticket holders
October 30 (Wed.) to December 23 (Mon.), 2024

Shinsaibashi and Kimono
―260 Years of Kodaimaru

Kodaimaru, a long-established kimono shop based in Shinsaibashi, celebrates the 260th anniversary of its founding in 2024. The exhibition traces the history of Kodaimaru by showing gorgeous kimono.
December 25 (Wed.), 2024 to February 17 (Mon.), 2025

Introduction to Folk Culture Associated with Rice-Growing
―Techniques for Growing Rice and Culture Created through Rice-Growing

The exhibition showcases items collected mainly in Osaka Prefecture to explore folk culture associated with rice-growing, focusing on techniques and traditional tools used to grow rice and rituals associated with rice-growing.
February 19 (Wed.) to April 14 (Mon.), 2025

―The Oldest Western-style Architecture in Osaka

The exhibition introduces Sempukan, the oldest existing Western-style architecture in Osaka, by showcasing materials related to the visit by Emperor Meiji and architectural materials.

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