Regional Origins of Toraijin in Japan

Special Exhibition: Regional Origins of Toraijin in Japan

April 26 (Wed.) to June 12 (Mon.), 2017.

Overview of the exhibition

The Osaka Museum of History will hold a special exhibition titled “Regional Origins of Toraijin in Japan” in the Special Exhibition Hall on the 6th floor from April 26 (Wed.) to June 12 (Mon.), 2017.

There has been a long history of interactions between the Japanese archipelago and the Korean Peninsula, through which Korean culture was introduced to Japan, which subsequently had a huge influence on the development of Japanese culture. Korean culture was brought to Japan by Korean immigrants called toraijin and artifacts associated with the Korean Peninsula that remain today enable us to retrace the footsteps of toraijin in Japan. However, the Korean Peninsula, where toraijin came from, had a wide range of regional cultures, especially during the Three Kingdoms period (from the 4th century to the 7th century), when the Korean Peninsula was divided into the kingdoms of Goguryeo, Silla and Baekje, and also the Gaya states. These cultures were so diverse that it is not possible to discuss them collectively. However, we can develop a better understanding of the distinctive characteristics of the cultures brought by toraijin and their specific historical backgrounds by highlighting the origins of particular artifacts.

This exhibition is designed to spotlight the origins of toraijin by focusing on artifacts associated with the Korean Peninsula unearthed in the Kinki area and its vicinity. By showcasing the latest archaeological discoveries, the exhibition will enable visitors to visualize the way toraijin from Korea interacted with Japanese people during those ancient days. The exhibition also focuses on the diversity of interactions between Korea and Japan, including interactions made through channels other than central governments, which are simply unimaginable in the context of modern states. In doing so, the exhibition aims to increase interest in the cultures of the two regions and deepen friendships between them.

Special Exhibition “Regional Origins of Toraijin in Japan”
Organizer Osaka Museum of History
Supporting organization Korean Cultural Center Osaka
Special cooperation Mihama-cho Board of Education in Fukui Prefecture
Exhibition period April 26 (Wed.) to June 12 (Mon.), 2017
*Closed on Tuesdays except May 2 (Tue.), 2017
Hours 09:30-17:00 (Fridays during the exhibition period 09:30-20:00)
*Please enter 30 minutes prior to closing.
Venue Special Exhibition Hall on the 6th floor, Osaka Museum of History access
Admission fees
Special exhibition only Permanent and special exhibitions
Adults JPY 1,000 (900) JPY 1,500 (1,440)
High school /
university students
JPY 700 (630) JPY 1,030 (990)

*The fees in brackets indicate prices for those in groups of 20 people or more.

*Admission is free for junior high school-aged and younger children; citizens of Osaka aged 65 years and older (a document certifying citizenship and age should be presented); and individuals with a disability certificate (plus one accompanying person).

Number of exhibits Approx. 450 (Some exhibits will be partly changed during the exhibition period.)